What Are The Different Types Of Hair Transplants?

Types of Hair Transplants Available In Boston

Hair transplantation is a procedure to cover up baldness or thin hair. The affected area receives hair follicles or grafts from somewhere else. Usually, the ideal location for taking out these grafts or follicles is back of the head because it is less likely to suffer from any hormonal changes.

There are two types of hair transplant methods

Follicular Unit Strip Surgery In Boston (FUSS)

This procedure starts by extracting a 6-10 inch graft from the back of the head. The scalp is stitched back after taking out the hair strip. One single piece can give as many as 500-2,000 grafts. Depending on the need, this can be a single hair or a bunch of them. The total number of grafts can vary according to the affected area you want to get covered. It also depends on the kind of hair, color, quality, and thickness.

Follicular Unit Extraction In Boston (FUE)

There is another type of hair transplant n Boston called Follicular Unit Extraction. In FUE method, the surgeon will shave off the back of your head. The medical team will then take out hair follicles individually. FUE creates several tiny dots on your head, which will be covered with your hair later on.

Both the hair transplantation surgeries begin by cleaning the scalp. Injections are then used to numb the area. Once your surgeon goes ahead with the operation, they will make slits or create holes in your head with the help of a scalpel or needles. The team of the surgeon will now place the grafts or follicles in place.



The duration of hair transplantation can vary from 4 to 8 hours depending on the transplantation size. Both methods have their pros and cons. So, it is essential to consult a competent surgeon before you decide to go for a transplant. Ask about possible risks and recovery too.

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